New Snappli Service Makes the Mobile Web Faster, Cheaper and More Secure

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Company launches best-in-class data compression that could save US smartphone users $4.1Bn a year; confirms additional funding from tier 1 investors

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON — Sept. 5, 2012 — Mobile data optimization company Snappli today announced the launch of its cloud service and iPhone app, which compresses, optimizes and secures mobile Internet data. Snappli reduces data by up to 85 percent and its proprietary “Speed Boost” technology accelerates mobile browsing by up to two times.

As most websites and apps are not optimized for mobile Internet, smartphones use far more data than they actually need to. With an estimated 71% of US consumers still on capped mobile plans, data usage can be extremely costly both at home and when roaming. Mobile data grew 133% in 2011 and is forecast to explode in the coming years. Snappli works by not only compressing data, but by optimizing its delivery – to ensure the consumer enjoys a faster, cheaper and safer mobile web experience.
Powered by a unique, cloud-based platform built from the ground up, Snappli is the first and only service to offer video compression, a major mobile data drain. As such, it can save consumers more data – and more money – than any other service. The company estimates it could save all smartphone users in the US a staggering $4.1Bn in unnecessary data charges.

On average, Snappli users are saving $37 annually, and experiencing data reductions of up to 85% on Instagram, 77% on Facebook, 72% on YouTube and 49% on Twitter.
Eldar Tuvey, Snappli co-founder and CEO says: “Mobile Internet data will get even slower and more expensive as consumers use more data-hungry services like Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. The operators are continuing to phase out unlimited plans and throttle usage to protect their overloaded networks. The solution is to make more intelligent use of the bandwidth we have, and this was the vision behind Snappli.”

Snappli works quietly and unobtrusively – redirecting traffic via its cloud, providing:

Snappli has received a significant injection of capital from its founding team of entrepreneurs. In addition, Snappli has now secured a further $1M investment from top tier investors including Greylock Partners, Index Ventures and Klaus Hommels, the early investor in Skype, Facebook and Spotify.

“We see a very large global opportunity in mobile data compression and optimization. Snappli’s technology and approach is disruptive, and the founding team has a proven track record innovating and building a market leader.” said Greylock Partners’ Asheem Chandna.

About Snappli

Snappli is a mobile data optimization company. Its cloud service and app compresses, optimizes and secures mobile Internet data, and is the first and only service to offer video compression. Snappli reduces data by up to 85 percent and its proprietary “Speed Boost” technology accelerates mobile browsing by up to two times.

The team behind Snappli includes brothers Eldar and Roy Tuvey, proven entrepreneurs who previously founded and ran ScanSafe, alongside technical co-founders John Edwards and Jim Walker. ScanSafe is the world’s first and largest global cloud web security provider and was acquired by Cisco for $183M in 2010.

Snappli is based in San Francisco and London and backed by leading investors, including Greylock Partners and Index Ventures, and leading angels Klaus Hommels, Alex Zubillaga and Simon Murdoch.